Artur & Son brings warmth into your home. We specialise in delivering stoves and everything connected to it – literally and figuratively. We begin with the idea and careful planning. We adapt the project to your needs – whether it is an entirely new installation or based on the existing one. Then, using only proven materials, our hard work starts - from the hearth to the chimney pot. We consider it done once we can see the joy in your eyes when the heat reaches your body.

Our job is to make your stove a beating heart of your home. A heart that strengthens the beating of your own.

Stove and flue systems
stoves, chimney or flue installation

What can we do for the warmth of your house?

We provide wide range of services related to heat and chimney installation:
  • Design and installation of stoves (wood-burning and multi-fuel)
  • Providing new installations or connecting stoves to existing flues
  • Design and installation of insulated flue systems (recommended for houses without chimneys)
  • Installation of fireplaces with stone, granite or marble surrounds
  • Chimney lining (flexible, stainless-steel flue lining)
Among our offer you can also find:
  • Chimney sweep service
  • Cowl fitting to secure the existing installation from the rain and birds
  • Smoke tests for maximum safety of your house

Free quotation

We know how to manage even the most sophisticated orders. Our broad experience is a powerful advising tool, helping you choosing the most effective solution for your house.

Artur & Son will gladly provide you with free quotation. Contact us and receive a free site survey.

Chimney or flue installation